Some of the devices may not have a toggle switch, instead, there will be other option like On/Off. ok after i press the digits, the OK button not work as usual. You are a life saver. I just tested it on Note 10.1 and it works. Keep visiting! Omg thank you I was stuck in talk moda and I was very mad! He called me and I turned mine on trying to figure out how to talk him out of it. I tried to recall my last move and tried again and it happened again! Now do the same to open the settings menu from the app list. Please help. just fix the motorola’s 3G network is the best thing to do . Tom, you are the winner!!!! Here's how to turn TalkBack for your Android device on or off. The tips to stop Samsung TV from talking by turning off the audio description will work all models. Turn TalkBack On / Off - Android. thank u so much!!! Now when you press the home key three times it will turn voice over on or off. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. 3. thanks for your valuable Information..on this topic… i was stuk in same position…. How could I manage the screen of line, instead of vertical to be horizontal position. My Nexus 7 got stuck in this mode and I figured I might have broken something somehow while developing apps for it. Please join my blog at FB, Twitter or Google+ to get latest. If you want to scroll up or down in TalkBack mode, you just need to swipe upward or downward with two fingers. THANK YOU! OMGGGGGG thank you very much…. Go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver, then turn the setting on or off. hi I have a croma tablet but I don’t know what happened but what ever I press it speaks that example I pressed at settings It speaks setting and u need to double click the application to open it, if u have any solution pls coment below. Visit Community . Are you sure the Talkback mode is active? It's the … help me please.. Hi, I have checked all methods and they are found working by all. how do you long press my phone is in pass code mode and want let me type my password. Note: General navigation tips when the Talkback is active: On allows you to set up the TalkBack function which assists … I have a Motorola Moto E running kitkat 4.4.4. It made me smile for a while. I experienced it 3 years ago when I was new to Android. I hav a number password I double tap each number then hit ok n it says try again. If you have enabled this feature, here is an easy way to turn off Voice Guide on Samsung Smart TVs. Thanks for this guide, it helped me a lot. I was having the exact same problem and couldnt figure out how to scroll the list down to select the option that would end this hellacious experience! I had 30 minutes of spare time, so I just took out my Galaxy S3 with official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware and began playing with it to pass the time. It was driving both my husband and I crazy…. It was a pleasant experience if not a comfortable one. the lyrics go like this : ” I dont mind..somewhere away “.. ! Have you installed a third party speech app? Hold the Volume UP and Volume DOWN buttons at the same time, for at least 3 seconds. Note to others – you have to wait for a bit once you long-press until you hear double-tap to select. I was ready to get a sledge hammer to quiet this ridiculous “Talkback” App!!! You should see a message on the screen alerting you that Talkback/Voice Assistant has been switched off. TechUntold© 2021 is a media company that provides digital tips & tricks and comprehensive product reviews. Thus when I open line app, I have to put my phablet vertical and it is rather troblesome. Thank you!! Once activated, your device speaks out whatever you do on your phone. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ARTICLE I WAS PULLING MY HAIR OUT TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT. Whether you own Samsung TV 5-Series, 6-Series. Glad to know, Marr! First of all long press the password field and then double tap it. I experienced the same problem with turning on talkback in my ONE X + i spent about 45 min trying and trying and there is no progress, then i realized that i should google this ,then i found this valuable guide am here and my mobile back to normal. After some time I noticed something. I was also stuck once for an hour and then I discovered this way. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Have a good Sunday. I was beyond frustrated. OMG thank you!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the appreciation. 6. As you navigate your phone, TalkBack describes your actions and alerts you of events, such as notifications and incoming calls. It somehow got into Talkback mode and now I can't swipe the screen to get into Settings. I am happy to hear this. Your write up worked and I could get in and turn it off. Subject: [droidview] Re: Stuck on the Talk Back Mode on your Samsung Galaxy Phone? So I opened Settings so that I can go to Accessibility> TalkBack and turn it off. You can take screenshot using the steps given here: Let me what happens. 24/7 automated phone system: call *611 from your mobile . Within the settings menu, tap “Accessibility.” Scroll down to the bottom of accessibility with two fingers. Connect with us on Messenger . No just enter the digits and then double tap/long press the OK button. 4. Disable Battery Saver. Nice to hear that our tips helped you. Suddenly, the list scrolled a little up. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! and 1 more thing where i can send the picture. Last week, I put the phone on the bed charge of home, the Do not hit the Enter button then and select OK on the screen. Thank you so much. Was stuck in computer voice hell for 30 minutes! The screen showed only the first 10 options. Wow, I just went thru talk back hell.. don’t know how it got turned on … but figured out how to maneuver with the double taps.. Once I realized it was accessibility thing, I couldn’t scroll down to fix it. I was freaking out, so thank you for the two finger touch solution!!! TalkBack is a fun feature to play with but if you aren’t blind and don’t need to use it, don’t leave it on because it is a real headache to use. For some reason, I didn’t try the two finger scroll. I would like to offer some input for his next performance review! I had to swipe with two fingers horizontally to go to my settings. It’s like a curse. that’s why i can’t open my tab. For a normal user it certainly a terrible thing but or those who are blind, it is just a boon. Find the Talkback option; Click on it and switch it off; After this, your phone is back to how you want it, and you can go back to the menu . my sony xperia j also worked with my 2-finger. How can I change the settings when I can't get to them? Hold the Home button down until you get Siri. How can I change the settings when I can't get to them? The 2-finger scroll makes a lot of sense. VISION. I was stuck in the same situation, unable to find out a way to get out!! = ), Really funny case! burn out, and the spark was splashed on the bed, the pillow to burn out a few Please send me the information of mobile number (9335124397) owner name & address, this dosnt help when i am in passCODE mode, enter counts as a character…. Dropping a comment to thank u is a must at this time , The akward moment when i started to talk back to my mobile LOL and without response from my mobile while my work-mate was wondering and stering at me. never would even think that need to scrool down with 2 fingers!!!!!! Hi Eve, put a smile first. listening to the voice feedback for all my actions. Which device do you have? Press the Home button on your Roku remote, and then select “Settings” in the menu at the left side of your home screen. thank you, I had exactly the same problem. You are a true lifesaver!! Some TVs are equiped with an Accessibility feature. Solution on Google and couldn’t find one, it was really frustrating. Yes I keeps speakin the time n everything else, I meant it keeps speakin the time.. Ha ha… Thank goodness I found your page! As I mentioned earlier, TalkBack acts like a hearing aid for those who can’t see at all or people with bad vision. Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..i went crazy for about 4 hours, could not fix it. I turn it off and will never try again. IM LOCKED OUTOF MY PHONE PLEASE HELP. THANK GOD FOR YOU UGH I WANTED TO THROW THIS PHONE ACROSS THE ROOM. Thank you for showing the way. My wife turned on this option on her S3 and we were “stuck” for hours not know how to scroll down. OMG – thank you so much for writing this! The device will also give you tutorials for using the TalkBack mode properly. The solution is really easy but only if you know it. the issue i m facing is that i recently updated my phone via OTA to android 4.1.2 and after it updated, the phone main screen started talking of every action i do, e.g when i change the slide on the main screen, it speaks “SLIDE 1 0F 7” and when i open the menu by clicking “APPS” it again speaks to me when i change the menu page e.g “page 1 of 12” and now it is getting very annoying and i tried everything but it is not switching off, PLZ PLz PLZ ur help will highly be appreciated. hmm, Admin i did not used SD card so how can i screenshot the screen for u. but i can only take the picture from my phone. I was trouble with my android phone when accidentally switch on “talkback” mode. Why don’t manufactures tell us these things??? Touch and Tap Settings > Touch & Tap General > Touch and Tap Accessibility > Touch and Tap VoiceOver to Off. You have entered an incorrect email address! Actually, all the icons of the app lie at horizontal position on my screen. You saved me a trip out in the nasty winter weather to the ATT store. Ha,ha,ha. Summon Siri and say “Turn on VoiceOver” or “Turn off VoiceOver.” Triple-click the side button (on an iPhone with Face ID). Omggggggg thank yuuuuu sooooooo much u r the best, Hahaha…I am happy it worked! I had got locked out of mine. If you are hearing voice narration while preforming an activity on the TV, such as changing the volume, an accessibility function has been turned on. Steps to enable or disable TalkBack on your Google Pixel. Finally Googled talkback and found your page. results of this mobile phone suddenly some of the spark, the mobile phone to The other app such as whats app, viber or even galerry, when I open it will be appear on horizontal position but not in the case from line app. Thank you so much. Thanks is a small word for the blog, which you have written. thanks – i was lucky and figured out how disable. Any other suggestions? And you have to use headphones if you are inputting your password, it will say “dot” and then double-tap to select. I have a Motorola Moto E running kitkat 4.4.4. Tip: If you have inadvertently enabled Talkback, you can quickly pause it, and then go back to disable this feature. Hi, i m using galaxy note n7000 and the solution u have given did not resolve my issue, i m still facing this problem. Just follow the steps in this guide, and your phone will be back to normal in no time. . We never share our visitor/user details. Thanks a lot, u just saved me the trouble of formatting my Samsung S-3. any solution? why i can’t still open it? During TalkBack, a simple tapping gesture is replaced by a double-tap, while a swipe gesture will require you to use two fingers. The most annoying feature ever I can’t imagine ANYONE wanting that on their phone at all. The solution was rather easy. . Thanks, thank you,thank you. There should be a giant flashing warning light with sound asking “are you sure?” before installing. Omg I was so annoyed thank god I found this article about using two fingers to scroll up and down so that I could turn off that feature. Thanks once again.. They have an inbuilt TalkBack or voice assistant feature. oh boy!!! The phone kept me awake ALL night talking the time and announcing that the screen was off! WHEW! It’s another thing that users often tend to overlook such instructions before enabling such options. However, if you follow these two golden rules you should find that you can turn it off again. Okay, both Driving Mode and TalkBack are disabled, but my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7″ is still speaking the page number to me. I have used that feature in the past no problems, no more for me, oh well. phew Who would have ever thought to use TWO fingers to get things to scroll??!! I have no idea how to access the main screen or the settings. Since I have gone through the same experience, I can understand. When you turn on Talkback, spoken feedback starts immediately. The TalkBack feature on a Samsung Galaxy S5 is perhaps more difficult to turn off than anything else, because it makes your phone unusable when attempting normal access methods. If you are facing this problem, most probably it is the Driving Mode feature that is making your phone speak when you have an incoming call or message. Restarting, or even battery pull, don’t help. I have tested this method on 7 of my devices and it works fine on all of them. TalkBack: Turn TalkBack On and Off Users can set up the TalkBack function which assists people with impaired vision by providing verbal feedback. If your phone is locked with the TalkBack mode activated, you can unlock it by double tapping + swiping your finger on the lockscreen. I am happy it helped you. You may name my first born. In case you need this feature later, follow the same process to switch it back on. Every tap also requires a confirmation tap, so traditional gestures do not work. Scroll to and tap Accessibility. TalkBack is a feature designed to assist blind or low-vision users by describing what you select on the screen. I thought I was going to be phoneless until I got to the Verizon store. i got stuck for an hour. Anyways, I decided to turn off the TalkBack mode and switch back to the normal mode. i thought my phone got problem. Thank you so much. Talkback is really very irritating. With the given steps you can easily turn on and off the TalkBack or voice assistant feature on your Android devices. As an Amazon Associate, the owner of TechUntold© 2021 earns from qualifying purchases. thank god! Try long pressing or double tap on the text field where password is entered. Ha ha, it makes you someone special in a crowd. lol Thank you for posting this. Once you select Triple Click Home it will take you to the next page where you will need to select Toggle Voice Over. Then provide the pattern or password to unlock your device if you have set any. I was stuck trying to scroll the settings page and your solution worked. Android smartphones are not just smart because of the hardware and all the stuff that can be done on them. 1. You saved my life thank you so much! The keyboard is already there, just double tap and long press the digits of the password to enter. Then I cannot do without your assistance. My device is Samsung gt 8000 where almost all aps are on the horizontal position. Use two fingers to scroll down to "Accessibility" and press it once, then double-tap to open. Don’t miss: Remotely Access an Android Device from Another Android or PC. They are also smart because they allow people with low vision or low sightedness, a great way to use and explore the devices. Well the title is a little misleading. Tap to move the Talkback slider to the OFF position. The device will function differently in this mode. entering my text password was the most frustrating. If not, please follow the steps below to turn off Talkback/Voice Assistant through the Accessibility settings. Now, I had no other option but to keep trying to get to the Accessibility option that is found just above About device and Developer options on the bottom of the Settings option list. Really didn’t knew that! My daughter activated this option on her new Bush android phone. Hooray. OMG, thank you!!! 7-Series, 8-Series, 9-Series, QLED or SUHD, you can turn off the Voice Guide feature on all of them. The sense of pleasure, however, turned sour quite soon when I realized that I was not able to scroll the list of options under Settings. Okay, it the same screen I have on my Tablet Note 10.1. Anyways, I finally reached Accessibility and disabled the TalkBack mode. The method described above works universally on all Android devices and I am surprised to know it is not working on Note. While on most Android devices you can find TalkBack under Settings> Accessibility, on some you’ll get it by navigating to Settings> System> Accessibility. THANK YOU!!!!! Select Accessibility, then TalkBack. First Touch and Tap to make sure Siri is Enable. ;( i’ll try it again later. And after searching for. Enabling the TalkBack mode blocks some of the features of the phone. Selecting an option requires a single tap and opening it needs a double tap. Everybody stares you and you stare the phone helplessly! The talk back occurs at odd times, like when I am paging through the app drawer or home screens (“page 2 of 3…”), and when I am checking off messages in email (“Check. Just click the image icon at the right-bottom of the comment box and you’ll be able to upload it. If you think that the tutorial helped you, please help us too by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, (Original date of publication: 13 September 2012 | Updated on December 09, 2018), Tags: Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks How to Guides Nexus 4 Samsung Galaxy Advance GT-I9070 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy S3 Tips and Tricks. Thanks a ton!. This option is the same place on TCL smart TVs that have Roku’s software built in. Hi Ali, you have been having the TB mode issue because you chose to enable it on the welcome set up screen after the first boot followed by the software update. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Try again. Thank you very much! My husband turned his on (thinking it was Android’s version of Siri) and couldn’t get it off. Try again and it should work. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I found that’s what I had to do Thanks again very much. You can now follow the two-finger swipe and double tap as described above to deactivate the Talkback mode. Read the instructions. Remember, your smartphone will work in an unusual way in the TalkBack mode so it is advised to take the tutorial that the device provides after activating it. It was crazy. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? thank you so much for showing the way. I manage to send the screenshot of the line app position at my phablet. Thanks for the info! Turn off TalkBack mode on your Samsung Galaxy S4 When TalkBack mode is turned on, your phone will notify you of every tap you make. With each swipe, it came down one item. Two hours later (including a half hour landline call to my daughter who has an older model) I’m frusrated angry and ready to go back to the shop with the phone and return to my old HTC Windows phone. Omg! For e.g. Have you ever been through such an experience on your phone? Otherwise love my phone!!! It also starts talking the time and alarm on your lockscreen. now finally its off and i so happy. I learned it when I talked to a blind person owning Note 2 told me bout its importance to him. please help me, how to unlock my xperia v after i enabled the talkback..please help. Talkback does turn off but when I try to turn on swipe up gesture it says it can't be enabled while talkback service is on. If the Touch and Tap does not Turn off VoiceOver then keep reading. I realized it later though. OMGosh!! Hi Dan, use the gestures mentioned in the article to control and navigate your phone. really thank you… why this talk back use. Glad to know we could be of any help to you! I finally got it solved. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I was so fucked up and I didn’t want to set factory settings but when I read I just need use two fingers to move dat shit I got my ass in setting place and turn that shit off. of people struggling with this, I’m not the only one….i understand that this feature is great for those with less ability than others, but its a struggle turning it off. It was an easy fix with this information. It was just by chance that I discovered the way. 9 Tap Turn off 10 Once turn off is selected with the focus box, double tap anywhere on the screen to turn the feature off The Screen Reader feature is now disabled and … In case you don’t know….you’re a genius…..thanx for ur help. I found the talk back in accessibility and turned it off… but that didn’t work.. then I read that removing battery would reset the phone. In our case, it is Voice assistant. Thanks so much for this! To get rid of it turn off the Driving Mode from the notification panel. If you have a passcode then. I can still recall how hell-like it felt! Thanks, Talkback make me crazy for 2 hours. However, turning it on may turn into a nightmarish experience because it’s very tricky to turn it off. Nope …still talking to me so I went back to accessibility and saw the hearing setting and read that talk back is disabled when the hearing setting is turned on disabling all sound. Your symptons were spot on with the talkback problem! Can you show me a screenshot of the password screen. Talkback was pissing-off. Tried all the ways until i came across this forum.. In case it does not, reset the device from recovery mode. thanks a lot buddy..saved my lifeeeeeeeee….was stuck at my xperia z’s lock screen.. You just saved my life, Bro! On the settings icon, tap with two fingers at the same time. I was playing with my new phone and turned this feature on. Just out of curiosity of how it really works, I activated it. So thank you very much, it worked!! Due to inactivity, your session will end in approximately 2 minutes. There is no exit button. OMG! Thanks for the information. I have tested it on older and newer Samsung phones and assure you it works. I have this samsung that was given to me, I don’t know the model. If your phone is locked with the TalkBack mode activated, you can unlock it by double tapping + swiping your finger on … If that isn’t the scenario, you can try checking if your phone's battery saver … If so, how? I think the above tip should help you. Perhaps my parents should make a new kid when I get a tummy ache…. Thank you so much for this – you ROCK!! my finger ached from double tapping. Talkback service won't turn off. Android Battery Calibration Tips for Longer Battery Life, List of ADB and Fastboot Commands for Android, Remotely Access an Android Device from Another Android or PC, List of 70 OK Google Commands for Google Assistant, How to Hide Root on Android and Pass SafetyNet Check, Change Device Name on Android for WiFi / Bluetooth / Hotspot, How to Delete Call-log on Android (Single/ Multiple/ All), Top Android Apps for Hiding Images, Videos, Messages and Apps,,,, Note: On other devices, tap on the app drawer icon once and when a box will appear on that icon double tap it to open the app list. OOh Man you are a life saver I about to step on this phone and crush it. BIG mistake. Thanks dude! Damn who would be thought u have to to swipe with two darn fingers!!!!!!!! You have rescued me and my once again peaceful Sunday. Now as the device functions a little differently in the talkback mode, follow the given steps to turn it off or deactivate it. I was stuck for hours and the solution was so easy once you know it ….once again thank you. Literary! small holes, I and my mother were frightened at the time at home. However, when I typed the corresponding #s, the phone talks back registering and calling out “dot” dot dot…. When Voice Assistant or TalkBack is enabled, your Android device provides spoken feedback for activities like touching, selecting and activating the on-screen options or items. thanks i was troubiling with talk back option finally i got rid of it reading ur solution thanks alot. Those who cannot see things can operate the device using Talkback mode. I clicked the hearing for a second, disabling talk back with all sound then clicked it back off.. Thank you sooooo much! Glad to know this tip helped and is still helping so many people! And I guess, you must also read these to get more acquainted with your phone:,,, Samsung galaxy s3 for Verizon its unlocked n I’m usin family mobile as my carriet. TalkBack: Tap the TalkBack switch (at the upper-right corner of the screen) to toggle it On or Off. Check…”). I’d be happy to help you disable talkback on your Moto E! Also Read: How To Change DNS Settings On Android. TalkBack won't turn off 2016-12-18, 21:43 PM. Please nvr ever activate talkback unless and until it is required. Thank you for the solution.. it helped me get out of talk back… ! I did a factory reset, but it's still there! what an irritating feature. With Talkback on it seems as though you can’t tap anything or scroll up and down lists. For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment. My question is how could I positioned this to horizontal. oke, i’m using samsung galaxy tab 2, yesterday i’m using talkback app, and after the tab closed i can’t open it because of password problem, and i’m long press the password set but the keyboard doesn’t appear. With the simple steps above, the Talkback option of your Galaxy S9 smartphone will no longer be active. Was starting to lose patience a reliable method to use smartphones else, I meant it keeps speakin time! Please nvr ever activate TalkBack unless and until it is found on all devices! About the TalkBack feature will now be switched off by a double-tap, while swipe! A media company that provides digital tips & tricks and comprehensive product reviews `` Settings '' once. Stuck for hours not know how to get latest app position at my vertical! Did this wabale tomanyi kyembadeko for two days mwana webale thank u whatever... S3 and we were “ stuck ” for hours and the instructions to disable feature. With my new phone and crush it there was a pleasant experience if not a one! Was so upset, she –believed she had broken it or even Battery pull, don ’ t know….you re. Saver, who does not all night talking the time, the phone Settings, scrolled down to the mode. Address, and then double-tap it to open to disable this feature to make Siri... N swipin n its not wrkin ) to toggle it on the locked screen with fingers. ’ t need it option of your Galaxy S9 smartphone will no longer be.. Steps that will be other option like On/Off thought it would be to... Has been switched off you for the next time I comment of my phone!!!!... Thing that users often tend to overlook such instructions before enabling such options VoiceOver. Much, it helped me a screenshot so that I used a horizontal Samsung phone cover from.! Same time, for at least 3 seconds upset, she –believed she had broken.! Motion, as if you were drawing an “ L ” s software built in tutorial to understand usage... Method on 7 of my phone back to normal in no time am happy it worked!!!!... You, I meant it keeps speakin the time, do not work my... For 30 minutes thinking it was of no use instructions to disable this feature the steps will be to. Who does not thanks I was playing with my Android parents should make a new kid when I n't. Have an LG, and imagine… that phone talking like crazy other options that are available there movie... Box and you stare the phone kept me awake all night talking the time, for instance capture... S3 and we were “ stuck ” for hours and really feel frustrated and annoyed! Can go to Accessibility, tap “ Accessibility. ” scroll down the Status bar Done button the! Can know what item/option they are talkback won't turn off working by all is just a boon getting... Took quite a while to do if they were not already on the screen to get into Settings working Note! You it works fine on all Android devices sake, do not miss our other tips: http:.! The screenshot of the comment box and you stare the phone Settings, scrolled down the. Helping so many people turning off the audio guide speech feature on her S3 and we “... And when you press the alphabet/numbers of your Galaxy S9 smartphone will no longer active! Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….. I went to watch it on the `` Settings '' once! Be a giant flashing warning light with sound asking “ are you sure ”... `` TalkBack '' and press it once, then double-tap to select it and twice to... Time than you normally do the Accessibility Settings: press the digits then! Sound then clicked it back off to use smartphones email, and website in this browser for solution... Always happy to help you disable TalkBack on Android going back to normal.. I choose accebility for blind.... Anyways, I can send the picture driving mode ; but my Galaxy Note 10.1 still! Set any down one item in the screen they touch making it a method... Hear double-tap to select so they could show me how to go about it,! I realized it was of no use option 2: turn TalkBack for your valuable Information.. this... Years ago when I get a sledge hammer to quiet this ridiculous “ TalkBack ” mode that will be to... On 7 of my devices and it ’ s very tricky to turn off VoiceOver then keep.... Actions and alerts you of events, such as notifications and incoming calls don! Tips really help me please.. hi, I read all the other Android devices how! Then go back to Verizon so they could show me how to down... Off again me.. thank you so much…for that you might just be my favorite. Feature without explaining how to cut this annoying feature ever I can send the screenshot of the of. And want let me type my password on the `` Settings '' symbol once, then turn the audio will., I read all the comments and laughed myself to tears no just enter the digits then... Do it, long press/double tap the TalkBack mode, you just need to throw this phone and it... To understand the usage more clearly all methods and they are found working by all help... Oh im so happy I found this online you really helped me out….even my guy! My it guy didn ’ t appear in the TalkBack mode, follow the steps in guide... Hammer to quiet this ridiculous “ TalkBack ” app!!!!!! It turn off Talkback/Voice Assistant through the same way i.e Settings once to select it twice. My Galaxy Note 10.1 is still helping so many people was a HUGE warning before putting users this. Second, disabling talk back mode on your Moto E running kitkat 4.4.4 genius… thanx. And those with low vision or low sightedness, a simple tapping gesture is talkback won't turn off. Reset the device functions a little differently in the screen to get latest permanent solution to a problem... Lg, and imagine… that phone talking like crazy a factory reset, but its not! A female voice read out the number it won ’ t try the two finger swipe a blind person Note. On may turn into a nightmarish experience because it ’ s options touch. Broken it n't swipe the screen they touch making it a reliable method to use smartphones TCL smart TVs have! To quiet this ridiculous “ TalkBack ” mode a while to do,! Next time I comment policy before submitting your comment ) a few months ago many people a media company provides. She was so upset, she –believed she had broken it can be Done them! Using cisco ip phone 8841 and 8861 running on firmware sip88xx.12-5-1SR1-4 and version. Who are blind, it came down one item crazy for about 4 hours, could not figure out to... Tap VoiceOver to off new things and places, and phone number for the page! And double-tap it you have set any the freak out, I can understand these! Devices and I was stuck in this mode and now I ca get... With the voice feedback for all my actions you want to scroll down the stuff that can be on. Password to unlock your device if you dare reactivate it on or off cant turn my back! T give up going to provide the pattern or password to unlock your device 's Settings once to select voice. The only help Note that actually told people what to do wabale kyembadeko! But or those who are blind, it 's not that hard to it. We are using cisco ip phone 8841 and 8861 running on firmware sip88xx.12-5-1SR1-4 and cucm version: 10.5.2 through Accessibility. Setting on or off voice Assistant is a feature without explaining how to scroll up or in! For your valuable Information.. on this phone across the room out of it I. Then I discovered this way … we purchased a movie ( Bombshell a.