They played sports, listened to music. His gravestone, however, uses the McNeish spelling. var cry1=String.fromCharCode(109,97,105,108,116,111,58);document.write(" Family members said that Chippy Hue was not home at the time of the operation. In spite of the name he was a tough tomcat from Glasgow, and he belonged to Henry (Harry) McNish, ship's carpenter and master shipwright. Folios | There are plenty of accounts of their adventures and I shall not repeat them here. 'I think the cat was more important to him than the Polar Medal,' he said. document.write("?subject=Mrs Chippy\">"); Nor, indeed, ultimately for the dogs, who despite being rationed were consuming more meat than the men. Shackleton was pleased to have the cat join the crew, as a good mouser was important on board ship to keep rodents under control and prevent them damaging the stores (as of course the crew of Amethyst would later confirm: see the story of Simon and HMS Amethyst). An aged teacher and former headmaster of a boarding school … All rights reserved At that point, Shackleton ordered his men to shoot the sled dogs and Mrs. Chippy, because he did not think they could survive. [7], An opera for primary school children, Shackleton's Cat by Russell Hepplewhite, was commissioned by the English Touring Opera in 2015. mrs. chippy was also killed, chippy the carpenter (and maybe others) lamented this too. document.write("Patrick Roberts"); He was described as "full of character" by members of the expedition and impressed the crew with his ability to walk along the ship's inch-wide rails in even the roughest seas. Wikimedia Commons Mrs. Chippy, a tiger-striped tabby who was the kitty companion of Ernest Shackleton on his trans-arctic expedition. The ship became lost, trapped and then crushed in pack ice. Shackleton shot Mrs Chippy for food, a callous act for which McNish never forgave him. With the ship hopelessly lodged in the ice, the crew was forced to abandon ship. Circumstances were to change, though, as in mid-January 1915 Endurance became trapped in frozen pack ice from which, despite the best efforts of the crew, she would never escape and which would eventually crush her. Blackborow rescued the cat before the threat could be carried out — but that was another life gone! The modelling of historic models should be given its measure of praise. Then, in 2004, a life-size bronze statue of Mrs Chippy was added to the grave. Needless to say, these actions did not endear him to the dogs, which would be driven into a hysterical frenzy. Pissing myself at secondary school.